For those of you, like myself that love technology in particularly smart home tech Phillips Hue were a must. In a later story I will talk about why I chose Phillips Hue but for now I found an amazing deal. This might be in limited supply but it’s certainly worth you checking out at your location.

Phillips Hue App Screenshot

Bed Bath & Beyond Dropping Phillips Hue?

I spent my weekend going to 6 different stores for Phillips Hue bulbs as they were in short supply, but the discount was huge. I went to one store which sold a 3 bulb colored bulb starter kit (hub included) I ended up getting it for $49.99. For reference the same kit which is currently on sale on Amazon (at time of writing) is currently $99.99.

This discount was applied to Light Strips, in addition to the standard White Bulbs. I found the white bulbs on sale at one particular store for $7 (which is 50% off). I ended up getting enough lights for every room in my house, and colored bulbs for my master bedroom, office, and living room. The only bulb I couldn’t find was the recessed ceiling bulb for my kitchen but every room (including bathrooms) are now outfitted with Phillips Hue!

Being Replaced By Globe?

Bed Bath & Beyond many times only had “Globe Electric” bulbs on display. These bulbs were not what I was after but they were also on sale for many of the stores that I went to. However, staff were really helpful and ended up checking in “the cage” which is a locked cabinet where certain often times more pricey items were held. Therefore, if you go to your store and don’t see them don’t fret! Ask customer service (or the manager on duty) and they will be more than willing to help you!

Closing Thoughts

The after effects were more than worth it allowing me to flesh at my Phillips Hue app just like in the below image! Let me know what kind of deals you have managed to find or do find at Bed Bath & Beyond just remember stock may be limited!

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