As a follow-up to our InboxDollars Review, it was time to go into the primary and in my opinion the most effective way to make money on InboxDollars. If you have yet to signup, please do so now and you will receive a $5 signup bonus!

Now InboxDollars is primarily known for sending you emails with offers in the form of surveys and activities and while these are great for earning some spare change I find that spending 20 minutes on an activity that rewards $.25 is simply not worth my time. In fact, it’s not worth anybody’s time and it should be avoided if you are serious about making money.

InboxDollars actually made the cut and managed to fit into my routine as it makes me guaranteed money every day, that I don’t even have to spend a minute on. I ask myself is 30 seconds of my time worth $.50 and some of the sweeps tickets. Of course, I answered yes, and therefore the below method is what I have found to reward the most points and tickets on the site without you having to put forth any effort.

What To Do

The steps are actually incredibly simple all you need to do is open the browser, and navigate to the TV section. Then start watching videos if you don’t wish to hear the audio from the ads or the video mute the tab in Google Chrome. You can then simply leave the browser running while you sleep, or step away from the computer or if you want to earn more have it running while you do something else and scratch off the little tickets that randomly appear at the ends of videos.

By scratching tickets you receive considerably more sweeps and you can get additional money up to about $10. However, if I forget about InboxDollars or I am too tired to stay up when I get home from work, I simply activate the videos and let them run while I sleep when I wake up I am capped for the day and there are no more videos to play.

That being said the videos reset at the start of the next day, and there can be done every day of the month. If you do this every day for a full month you will earn $15 minimum at the current rate.

Is It Worth Your Time

I know what you are thinking going to a website and playing videos every day for a measly $15 at the end of the month that can’t be worth my time. Well, from my numbers it is, look at it this way. Let’s say we have two scenarios scenario one it takes you 30 seconds to get the site open and the videos started, and scenario two it takes you 1 minute to do the same. Let’s ratio this into an hourly wage.

For these scenarios, we are assuming that the month has 30 days in it.

Scenario 1: 30 (seconds) * 30 (number of days) = 900 seconds per month spent doing this. Now take the seconds and convert to minutes 900 / 60 = 15 (minutes). So it takes 15 minutes a month to earn $15. Which if you ratio into an hourly wage comes out to be about $60 per hour. I don’t know about you but that seems very much worth my time.

Scenario 2: 1 (minute) * 30 (number of days) = 30 minutes a month spent doing it in this scenario. Which is twice as long as the initial scenario but given that you can still ratio the wage to be $30 per hour. Which for most people is truly worth your time.

Concluding Thoughts

It’s important to understand that while a lot of these Beer Money sites are not going to be fast get rich quick schemes they do work, and following solid tutorials and our advice can help you supplement your income in both passive and near-passive ways. This site is meant to focus on doing very little to get as much reward as possible and InboxDollars is the perfect example of an ideal Beer Money website.

Register and you will get a $5 starting bonus!

Scott Hartley

Scott Hartley, is a web developer, business owner, and a geek at heart. He loves to discover additional ways to make money and to help pass that knowledge on to others!

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