Earn.gg is a GPT (get paid too) website or as I like to call them a Beer Money website. This website focuses primarily on making money through online videos that it has partnered through many websites and it has a unique site tied to it called Gamer Loot.

Earn.gg is a trusted and reliable website that has been around for a while now and it is a known site that has paid both me and other users consistently. You can even get that money in the form of various of currency including Bitcoin.

In this review, we will be covering what Earn.gg is, how it works, whether it pays and the various ways you can make money doing it no matter your age.

What Is Earn.gg?

Earn.gg is a beer money website that allows users to be paid for their online activities primarily through watching videos, joining their steam group and even betting on rolls against other players. You can receive the money to your PayPal account or even in the form of Bitcoin which is rising in popularity recently due to its very high value.

To get started on the website all you need is a computer or mobile device with access to the internet and then you need to set it to play their videos. There is no initial investment and you can set the videos and let them run in the background forgetting that you were even running them in the first place. In another article, we will go into ways of increasing your revenue on the website.

One important piece of information I can give you when selecting the Bitcoin payout option is to pay close attention to the value. If you are requesting the payout make sure you do it at an ample time as they will give you $5 of whatever the current value of Bitcoin is.

How Does It Work?

Now before you start thinking well how are they making money it’s important to note they have many paid offers and most of their money comes in the form of digital advertising. Which means while you are watching video content you will have to watch an advertisement before it begins if you are caught using Adblock or other programs like it, you can be banned, or won’t receive payment. This is because they are offsetting the cost of your rewards through digital advertising

The only real way to earn on Earn.gg is to watch online videos however, I recommend running one tab of GamerLoot and leaving the EngagemeTV option for a higher paying website such as InstaGC or Earnably. This is all done on my primary desktop computer which is running other websites including Earnably.

Ways To Earn

There are little ways to earn on Earn.gg the only real way is to do their initial offers (liking their pages, joining steam, etc) and then you have to watch videos and try betting points.


Videos being the only way to make money on the website you don’t want to waste them on other higher paying websites. I recommend running Gamer Loot on this website and nothing else if you wish to take your hand at betting on Rolls and other mini-games on the website, by all means, go ahead. However, Earn.gg is one of the lowest payers when it comes to online video content, for instance, their payment for 3 advertisements on EngageMeTV is .6 cents while earnably is .8 cents which is considerably more considering you aren’t even being paid one cent at this point.

Betting points is risky and they make you think having 200,000 points is a lot but that is rough $2 which is not that much considering how much it takes to get it.

Is It Worth Your Time?

Yes and no if you are going all in this site is not good at all, however, it is the only one atm that is touting integration with Gamer Loot which means running one tab of Gamer Loot on this site is worth it since its the only one using it. At the same time don’t run any other video site as you are essentially settling for less.

Passive Users

If your passive congratulations that is all this site offers is the ability to get paid for video offers and nothing else. Which means you’re going to be in heaven, however, you’re going to be settling for a lot less than other sites.


Well, again there are only videos the most you could do is put all your eggs into this basket which would be a very poor choice in this case but that’s the only option on this website.

So, Is It Worth My Time?

Yes, this site is virtually 100% passive requiring very little work and it’s certainly worth going into your routine if you are not using Gamer Loot set up one tab of it on your main computer and let it run along with your other website to see the improvement in your earnings. You will earn roughly about $15-$20 a month running this on Earn.gg.

Is EARN.GG A Scam?

This is a common question as with all beer money websites and the answer is no. I and many other users have all been paid by this website and while it may take a while to earn a lot it’s certainly not a scam and its worked its way into my routine.

Should You Join?

While you won’t be able to make a living on the website, it’s such a great opportunity to get passive or near-passive income without having to do a thing, and it is certainly worth the time to register, sign up open up the Gamer Loot option under the earn tab and set it and run it all day and earn yourself some extra money this month without having to do a thing!


I recommend letting the videos run in a tab passively throughout the day and to have the muted so you don’t get bothered by the noise of the advertisements

Scott Hartley

Scott Hartley, is a web developer, business owner, and a geek at heart. He loves to discover additional ways to make money and to help pass that knowledge on to others!

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