EarnHoney is a GPT (get paid too) website or as I like to call them a Beer Money website. This website focuses primarily on making money through online videos through its own solution and it has quickly risen to be one of the best paying Beer Money websites on the market.

In addition to being reliable Earn Honey has had a very strong track record of paying out large amounts of money to its users and is one of the best sites overall in terms of work vs payout so long as you play by their rules and don’t do anything against the terms of service.

In this review, we will be covering what Earn Honey is, how it works, whether it pays and the various ways you can make money doing it no matter your age.

What Is Earn Honey?

Earn Honey is a beer money website that allows users to be paid for their online activities primarily through watching videos, playing games on their phones through their apps, and other basic activities such as surveys and offer walls. You will quickly find that the videos are the preferred option for making money on this website and it has made me a large amount fairly easily.

To get started on the website all you need is a computer or mobile device with access to the internet and then you need to set it to play their videos. There is no initial investment and you can set the videos and let them run in the background forgetting that you were even running them in the first place. In another article, we will go into ways of increasing your revenue on the website.

One important piece of information is to remember that Earn Honey is the best website when it comes to being paid in terms of a number of videos watched per dollar amount. It’s a super quick and easy process and its what has made Earn Honey very popular in recent times and made of us including me a lot of good money.

How Does It Work?

Now before you start thinking well how are they making money it’s important to note they have many paid offers and most of their money comes in the form of digital advertising. Which means while you are watching video content you will have to watch an advertisement before it begins if you are caught using Adblock or other programs like it, you can be banned, or won’t receive payment. This is because they are offsetting the cost of your rewards through digital advertising

While there are many ways to make money on the website all of them pale in comparison to simply watching videos which is the easiest and most passive way to make money. You can easily make more than a $1 a day automatically by just watching videos on one device with little effort this is what makes Earn Honey such an amazing website. Also as they have their own unique platform you won’t be running into the same limitations that you would on sites such as Earnably.

Ways To Earn

There are a couple of things you can do such as using their apps, watching videos and going through offer walls and completing offers.


This is going to be your main way of earning on the website I recommend running one tab of Earn Honey BuzzTV on your desktop while it is in focus IE your mouse is on the page where the video is playing. This way you will earn the most per video if you are needing to use your computer. You can have the videos running in the background but you are going to run into issues with crediting as it will go way down. Try to run the tab when in focus and you can earn quite a bit of money. Adding devices such as Laptops and Windows Tablets will further increase the earnings.


If you have three junk phones running around download the SuperPopQuiz app and let it run in the background. You will earn about $1 a day from this easily depending on your location and the inventory of course. Remember that you can only run it on three devices as a limit or you risk getting banned.

Offer Walls

My least favorite way to earn as it is too hands on you can complete basic offer wall activities to increase your earnings further but it’s going to require more involvement and it may end up not rewarding you for your time.

General conversion is 1HD (Honey Dollar) = $.01

Is It Worth Your Time?

Earn Honey is certainly worth your time if you make use of it in a meaningful way don’t go around wasting all your time doing every offer that you can that’s not going to make you the most bang for your buck especially since these offer walls that are used on many other websites.

Passive Users

You are going to be making a lot of money on this website if you have plenty of devices and are being smart about running the videos on your computer and running the apps on your devices. There is a lot of money to be made on this website on a monthly basis from my experience just keep it up and add devices slowly to maximise your revenue.


If you are trying to do work while Earn Honey tends to pay a decent amount on offer wall activities compared to other websites its still not the best way to make money and there are better ways to spend your time to make some real money.

So Is It Worth My Time?

Earn Honey is one of those websites that its worth anybody’s time to simply signup play videos and earn some money. There is no reason not to try it especially with the earning potential this can help you pay your bills, or go out on a nice trip without needing to quit your job or it can help you make money if you are currently unemployed.

Is Earn Honey A Scam?

This is a common question as with all beer money websites and the answer is no. I and many other users have all been paid by this website and while it may take a while to earn a lot it’s certainly not a scam and its worked its way into my routine.

Should You Join?

While you won’t be able to make a living on the website, it’s such a great opportunity to get passive or near-passive income without having to do a thing, and it is certainly worth the time to register, sign up open up Buzz TV in a tab open up some apps on your phone and make yourself some passive income!


I recommend letting the videos run in a tab passively throughout the day and to have the muted so you don’t get bothered by the noise of the advertisements. But remember at night when you are done running your computer keep the thing on but move your mouse onto the Earn Honey tab for some extra money!

Scott Hartley

Scott Hartley, is a web developer, business owner, and a geek at heart. He loves to discover additional ways to make money and to help pass that knowledge on to others!

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