If you are using online Beer Money websites such as Earnably, you will find that your revenue can take a dive while using Google Chrome. The reason for this is because advertising networks (the vast majority) still rely on Flash Player. Google Chrome has recently made changes to prefer HTML 5 over Flash Player and therefore, this affects the potential number of advertisements being shown to you.

Most Beer Money websites don’t pay based on the number of videos you watch but rather the number of advertisements that you are shown. This way you aren’t getting paid for not watching an advertisement (which is how the website is making money to pay you in the first place).

To show yourself more advertisements and thus increase your earnings you need to make some changes to your google chrome settings.

How To Force Flash Player To Increase Earnings

  1. Visit in Chrome: chrome://flags/.
  2. Go to these flags:
  3. Restart the browser. Flash content will now be served!

After you have done this you should begin to earn significantly more as the total number of ads that are now available to you should also dramatically increase. If you have any questions feel free to ask them below or signup on our site and ask around in our forums!

Scott Hartley

Scott Hartley, is a web developer, business owner, and a geek at heart. He loves to discover additional ways to make money and to help pass that knowledge on to others!

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