InstaGC is a GPT (get paid too) website or as I like to call them a Beer Money website. The website offers a lot of ways for its users to make additional income in the form of videos, surveys and more.

InstaGC has been around for years now and it is a well-known beer money website that has very few complaints and has been known to pay out in a timely fashion and has very little issues all around.

In this review, we will be covering what InstaGC is, how it works, whether it pays and the various ways you can make money doing it no matter your age.

What Is InstaGC?

InstaGC is a website that was released to allow users to allow users to be rewarded for their online activities including filling out surveys, watching videos and more. The website pays you in points that can then be redeemed for a direct deposit to your bank account, PayPal, and gift cards in varying varieties.

The website allows you to start making money without anything more than just having a working computer, with internet access. You don’t need to spend any money and there are a few passive ways to earn money including watching videos. We will later go into our techniques for increasing your revenue.

The conversion is a bit different depending on the type of payout that you select so I would be sure to pay attention to the conversion ratios for when you are going to cash out your points.

How Does It Work?

Now before you start thinking well how are they making money it’s important to note they have many paid offers and most of their money comes in the form of digital advertising. Which means while you are watching video content you will have to watch an advertisement before it begins if you are caught using Adblock or other programs like it, you can be banned, or won’t receive payment. This is because they are offsetting the cost of your rewards through digital advertising

One of the primary ways that you can earn points on InstaGC is to complete surveys even though I personally find that watching videos is the most enjoyable and rewarding experience of my time. I make sure to watch at least one play list all day while it’s on mute and then watch the others on mute while I am asleep. This is all done on my primary desktop computer which is running other websites including Earnably.

Ways To Earn

There are a number of ways to earn on InstaGC and it actually covers a lot of what SwagBucks does on their own website in terms of what you can do to earn points.


This is one of the slowest but by far the easiest ways to earn points on InstaGC as it is almost 100% passive. You will be able to run three playlists on their main video suite that can award you points by simply running videos. They don’t have a captcha but they do earn you very little in comparison to some of the other methods for earning points on the website.

InstaGC also has partner videos that you can watch to earn you some additional points but I find that they reward less than their competitors on these videos so I recommend avoiding them if you can. Simply stay with their default playlists and you will earn yourself some nice passive income.


Like most Beer Money websites there is an offer wall that can earn you some points based on various activities most of the time it requires signing up for some service or spending a bit of time on a survey even though they have particular lists for surveys it’s still offered through their offer wall.


You can find surveys under the offers tab these will come from the usual providers such as Peanut Labs and while this won’t reward you as much as offers, you don’t need to spend any money, and it’s less invasive.


You can also complete various tasks through CrowdFlower that can earn you points at a steady pace for doing a little bit of work. This requires actual work to earn points but you can earn a lot of points if you find a solid offer to complete. These kinds of activities are also known as Micro Workers.

Is It Worth Your Time?

InstacGC is a great website that can earn you a lot of points by being active on the website. You can also earn a bit of money solely through passive video playing but not nearly as much if you complete surveys and are active on the website. This is the same with most websites and apps but InstaGC is affected even more so by this gap of point earning. Therefore there are actually 3 types of users on InstaGC that each has their own advantages and disadvantages.

Passive Users

These are the users who simply run the playlists day in and day out and don’t run much else on the website. Since the playlists can all be run on a single device and can be run on other websites it’s not a site that can be farmed but can make you a nice additional passive income on your money making devices. There is no mobile app worth using so these users typically make a few dollars per month at most and are happy with it.

Survey Takers

InstaGC is well known for its survey section and it can make you a healthy income by solely doing the surveys on the website. As InstaGC has been around longer than most websites it easily receives a lot of exclusive surveys that you don’t find on most other websites. It makes it in a lot of users routines for this sole reason and while I personally don’t like taking surveys there is a lot of potentials to make some quick beer money on this website when you do them.


As with most Beer Money websites if you are a completionist you will find yourself having a hard time when it comes to making a lot of money to reward you properly for your time and this goes for InstaGC too. While the sheer number of offers can lead to a lot of quick revenue you will soon find yourself looking for more and the website can’t simply keep up you need to do them in moderation and in a routine with other Beer Money websites to make a decent income.

So, Is It Worth My Time?

If you are wanting to add a website to your routine or are looking to make more money because you love to do surveys than InstaGC is a perfect fit for you. While it will take a little bit of time to get used to the website it is an excellent fit for anyone looking to make some more beer money.

Is InstaGC A Scam?

This is a common question as with all beer money websites and the answer is no. Some users have had issues in the past but so long as you follow the terms of service and do what you are supposed to be doing you will not run into issues on this website.

Should You Join?

While you won’t be able to make a living on the website, it’s such a great opportunity to get passive or near-passive income without having to do a thing, and it is certainly worth the time to register, download and set it on your phone every night before you sleep. Think of it this way if your phone is on the charger every night anyways why not have it make you a $1 while you are sleeping and you can buy yourself a treat at the end of the month for no cost to you?


I recommend letting the videos run in a tab passively through out the day and to have the muted so you don’t get bothered by the noise of the advertisements.

Scott Hartley

Scott Hartley, is a web developer, business owner, and a geek at heart. He loves to discover additional ways to make money and to help pass that knowledge on to others!

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