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If you shop at Target and are not making use of Cartwheel (the money saving feature in the Target mobile app) you are wasting money. As I have said is a Coffee Shop Boss is more than just making money it’s about saving and managing it which arguably is even more important.

I am a big fan of Target I have a Target RedCard, my Drop account has an offer to give me recurring rewards and I go there for my general shopping needs. But one thing that most people don’t seem to be aware of is that you can potentially save a lot of money by just using the Target mobile app. Aside from coupons, the Target mobile app has a cool feature whereas you are shopping you can scan the products. When you scan the products it will give the items price and it will load any coupons or deals that might be going on to your wallet.

So, what you should be doing is as you shop and everytime you go to put an item into the cart you scan it with your mobile app this will load up the deals to your wallet. Now, when you go to self-checkout you can simply scan the wallet (after all items have been scanned) and it will apply the deals and if you don’t have a card tied to the account it will then ask you to pay like normal.

What you can do is combine these deals with your Target Red Card to save time during the checkout process, and then also tie that card to your Drop account to be awarded additional cash back.

Afterward please make sure to use the printed receipt and then you can submit that receipt to Receipt Hog, Receipt Pal, & Fetch Rewards. This is a great way to get money back from your weekly shopping trips and to save more money than you might not have otherwise.

Just make sure to pay close attention even if there is no sign that says you can save money with Cartwheel still scan the item there is no downside in scanning every item because I often times find deals that are not listed near or around the product which means I could have lost out on some sweet savings.

What are your thoughts on Target’s Cartwheel feature? How much do you usually save scanning your products and what products do you tend to save the most on let us know below!

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