Now, this is one thing that 99% of you are going to either have opinions on or are going to call me a liar. But before you do, please read this and I will address them one by one so we are on the same field of understanding.

Opinion 1: Your Cell Phone Bill Must Be Expensive

No actually my CellPhone bill only currently cost me for one device which is my personal phone that I don’t do any of this on, all the other devices are using my home’s WiFi at no additional cost you never need to purchase a plan for any of these devices other than your primary phone (so you can call and text your friends obviously). You will never see a post on this website requiring you to start inputting SIM cards into your phones and if you by a phone that comes with one (that wants you to activate it) simply remove it. I had plenty of them and I store them in a pencil box that I keep on my desk.

Opinion 2: Your Electric Bill Must Be Very High With All Those Devices

No again this is false it normally only takes a couple dollars a year to charge your phone 24/7 that’s per year. You can easily have 30 phones and only see a few dollars rise on your electric bill which will easily be paid off by these apps, of course, this is dependent on your location and KW hour but an average of just 30 phones, against the national average cost of electricity per KWH would only be about $10 per month. You should expect about $0.33 per month per phone 24/7 (if you are using their default chargers IE no timers or upgraded charging hubs). Basically, if you ran 30 phones 24/7 using standard charging for an entire year it would be about $120 a year in electricity. If you’re making close to $500 a month on these 30 phones like I would be you wouldn’t even care since this is negligible.

Opinion 3: I tried this and I didn’t work so you must be cheating or using referrals

Actually no I manage to bring in this money with the exclusion of referrals its all just passive money making and it is very possible. It just requires a lot of brain power as the intricacies of setting this up are real. There is a technical knowledge that is expected to start this or you need to follow someone’s advice (like me) who can guide you through it. Now I know what some of you are thinking, I tried it I am making pennies it’s not worth it.

It certainly is worth the effort you just need to realize you’re going to start earning small in the beginning because you just started and this isn’t taking all of your time it barely takes any. Sure if you only have one phone now, you’re going to feel hopeless but you could still easily make $30 a month with that by some cheap phones (that I will guide you on) and get started making more and more slowly adding on.

It does work but doesn’t expect to be making $1,000 a month out of the gate its not going to happen right away but slowly and surely you will begin to make a solid additional income.

Opinion 4: I don’t have any extra phones or computer so I can’t start. 

If you have no money laying around and no extra devices or computers you can still start. Take your main phone whether it is IOS or Android (sorry Windows Phone users) and start following our tutorial which begins with you starting with a single mobile device.

Opinion 5: I don’t have the internet speed to handle this. 

Believe it or not, your network’s internet speed can do a lot more than you think and when you get to the larger 50+ phones range you might need to upgrade your network but we have tutorials for that as well!

Opinion 6: This Is A Scam Or Something Related To Crypto

Actually its all proven and just uses services that already exist in a creative way. There is essentially no initial investment to get started, but having some can lead to improved growth and there is a faster ROI.

Now, I am going to be adding some related Crypto content but there will be some extreme vetting with the content to avoid any potential issues.

Scott Hartley

Scott Hartley, is a web developer, business owner, and a geek at heart. He loves to discover additional ways to make money and to help pass that knowledge on to others!

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