Inbox Dollars has recently made a large change to their watch section that is being rolled out that has increased earnings in my case. Let me explain the changes below and why you might not have them as of yet.

Inbox Dollars Update

The change is an interesting one instead of being earned as $.01 per three videos you will now progress to a scratch card that can have a grand prize of $10, $25 or $100 which is a much wider range of money compared to the old $10 limit. In addition, as you increase the level of scratch card you will have a higher base prize. For instance on the $10 scratch card you can be awarded only $.01 at the base level reward, however, if you go to the $100 scratch card your base reward becomes $.10 which seems to work rather well as you seem to get more money per video view. But I am more interested in the increased reward chance as it makes it more of a random thing that can spark your income for that month.

It’s important to note that only some users are currently able to access this as it is in beta and there is still a cap, after you watch so many videos you will reach the same error page as always but now it will give an estimated time frame of when you can expect the next reset of their videos meaning you will know when you can watch more videos.

In addition, you now instantly receive these earnings to your balance without having to wait 24 hours for the payments to be accepted and sent to your account.

One of the most annoying things though is you now also lose your chance for entering the sweepstakes and you aren’t guaranteed any income unless you scratch off the cards but you do tend to earn points more quickly than before and earn more than before until you reach your cap for that day.

Scott Hartley

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