InboxDollars is an online beer money site that works in a similar fashion as Swagbucks. It has become one of the most well-known and miss used online rewards sites because while there are many accounts, most never manage to cash out and that is because they go in with the wrong mindset. InboxDollars is an online rewards site, and you can do various tasks to earn a fixed dollar amount that can then be put in your own bank account.

One important detail about InboxDollars is that it is not just a survey site and while you can make some money for filling out the surveys it is by far the least efficient way of doing so. There are much more ways to get your Beer Money fix including watching videos, playing games, and indulging in other online content. One unique feature is that the program will email you, your latest offers hence it’s named.

In this review, we will be covering what InboxDollars is, how it works, whether it does pay and the various ways you can make money including the most effective way of making the money regardless of your age.

What Is InboxDollars?

InboxDollars while having an oddly simple name is a true online rewards site and common Beer Money website. This means that you will do tasks on the website in the form of watching videos, playing games, doing surveys and much more. However, it is also one of the most improperly used Beer Money website and we will go into this in more detail.

The concept of InboxDollar is that you will receive online offers that are emailed directly to your inbox that you can then do for a fixed dollar amount. You don’t need to spend any money and it requires little to no effort to begin earning if it is done properly. While we can indulge into the full details of making money on this website it would be best to save that for another article.

Swagbucks works by rewarding your activities with real world money which you can then redeem for a payment to your PayPal account. Since this is not a digital currency the dollar amount you are shown in your account is the actual dollar amount you have. You can earn .50$ a day just by having their watch section automatically running on your PC (while you sleep, like I do or while you are working).

How Does It Work?

Now before questions arise of how do they make money if you are getting it for free there is advertising on the website and the surveys are sponsored by various companies. It’s important to note that you can’t use Adblock or similar programs on this and other Beer Money websites as you won’t earn anything and it can get you banned. They are essentially rewarding you a portion of the advertising revenue that you are making for them.

One of the primary ways you and InboxDollars are making money is through surveys now while most survey sites including this one aren’t worth the time for the amount of pay you get, it’s still an option if you have a lot of free time. The surveys have always paid in my experience, and they do work well. The company also makes a lot of money from these as well. However, you need to analyze the benefit if you are doing a 20 minutes survey but are getting paid .50$ is it worth the time in my opinion no and you shouldn’t waste your time doing that as there are many other and better options that you can do to reward yourself.

It’s important to note that while the surveys in most cases are not worth the time, occasionally there are some really good offers that pop up and you should take them if you can see it being worth your time. If you are not employed this is a good way of making a little bit of side cash (or if you are in high school looking to make a little bit of spending money). That being said my success has come from the watch section as I spend virtually no time on doing it.

Another important note is that while InboxDollars has a mobile app from my experience it’s not as reliable as the website and therefore I can’t recommend it.

Ways To Earn

InboxDollars is more than just an online survey website there are quite a few ways to make money some that are unique and others that are standard with most online reward sites.

Search Engine

Now, I know what you’re thinking this is going to be another strange and poorly made Google knock-off sort of like Bing (no harm intended) but it’s actually powered by Google. InboxDollars uses a version of Google Custom Search meaning when you make a search you’re actually retrieving Google results but you’re doing so on the InboxDollars website with their branding.

This means you can be awarded randomly for your searches and can earn anywhere in the realm of .02$ or .05$ for a search which is considerable since its basically earning money to use Google. The best part being that you can be awarded multiple times today but only if you use it in a manner like you would Google.


We have already mentioned videos but you can make money by simply watching online content and their associated advertisements. This can be done from both desktop and mobile and is a great way to make passive income on the InboxDollars website and it doesn’t require you to do anything other than to open a video and let the playlist run for about 2-3 hours. After the videos are done you will earn .50$ and you can run it again the next day. I find this to be the best way to earn on the website.

If you’re looking to make passive income with little to no effort on the website than videos are the way to make yourself some extra Beer Money.


Offers are a bit interesting quite similar to Swagbucks but they are less about spending money and more about doing something whether it’s a survey, watching a specific video and giving feedback or signing up for an email list. These offers can make you some money but they are considerably annoying and aren’t worth the effort in most cases from my testing.

If you are one who has junk emails though and wants to get a quick start on making money on this website you can go through and complete all of the necessary offers and you can earn a few bucks quite quickly.


The gaming program on InboxDollars is more like a cashback program as you need to signup for GSN, and when you purchase money for a game or an item you can earn cash back on that purchase. The issue is, that most of the games are casino games and therefore will require you to be 18 and you don’t earn enough cash back for it to be meaningful. The other issue is there doesn’t appear to be any way to make money playing games for free in this section.


Now, this is by far the primary reason you would use this site Sweeps are part of the site where you can submit tickets you earned from either watching videos, doing surveys or doing other activities on the site. You will put them into a Sweepstakes and if your name is drawn you can earn anywhere from $5 to $100 depending on the sweepstake you enter. The downside is its random and you will likely not win. However, as this is completely free and you earn the tickets from doing work on the site anyway it’s well worth your time.

Is It Worth Your Time?

InboxDollars is the perfect site when used properly and it is going into my Routine for Beer Money websites. That being said its a site where you don’t want to get caught up on the earnings the whole time or you will certainly never get a payout. It’s a site where you need to be smart and mix it into a routine with other online Beer Money sites.

That being said when it comes to InboxDollars there are only ever two types of people and only one of them is doing it right.

Passive Users

These are the users that are looking to make some additional income online in the form of watching videos. I fall into this category as I am not going to complete surveys and waste 20 minutes of my time for .25$ it’s simply not worth it to me. That being said these users will receive a $30 payment every 2 months from the site as they will earn .50$ from watching videos every day while they sleep.

This type of user does very well on InboxDollars as its a slow earning site but it will always pay in the end but the best part is you have to spend little to no effort to make yourself some money.

The Survey Taker

These are individuals that like to do online surveys as they typically earn them more money than just watching a video. The downside is this site doesn’t pay very well for most surveys and very rarely does a good one come up that being said you can find some quick surveys that only take roughly 5 minutes to complete and therefore can be worth your time. I find this to not be effective at all and I don’t recommend it on this website.

But if you are in a situation where you are stuck with nothing else to do you can complete a few surveys that could be worth your time but remember to analyze how much the survey is giving you VS how much time it takes to take it.

InboxDollars will not replace a proper job, or allow you to retire early no matter how much you do it you simply won’t make enough money. That being said it can be helpful to give you a bit of free spending money without having to do a lot of work which is why Swagbucks is such a solid platform.

So Is It Worth My Time?

Yes, InboxDollars is incredibly well known and its a known website that always pays on time, and can make you some supplemental income or provide you with one (albeit a small one) if you can’t get a job.

So Is It Scam?

No InboxDollars is incredibly reliable and trusted in the industry as long as you don’t violate the terms of service you will receive your payout.

Should You Join?

While it’s important to note you will never make a full-time income off of InboxDollars alone you will be able to make extra income for virtually no cost and is a great start if you are younger and can’t get a job. It is a website that I have in my routine but I am only doing the watch section so it doesn’t take up any of my time.

Don’t get sucked into the whole idea of spending your whole day on the website as you will not make income close to that of an actual job. That being said what are you making on the internet now while your computer is on or you are searching on the internet.

Register and you will get a $5 starting bonus!

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