Rewardable TV is a very common and amazing Beer Money app that can make you a lot of money passively by watching videos, and images. The app almost runs automatically and can make you in the realm of $60+ per month when running the app.

Rewardable TV allows you to use 7 devices per account and I currently have this maximized. However, you are going to likely run into your cap quickly but if you are running a farm like I am, you shouldn’t have to worry about swapping your devices.

If you are just starting trying to make some spare money with your single device you can expect to make about $1 a day running it on your phone when you sleep and it can make you about $30 or so per month. It’s important to note that your actual earnings will depend on a lot of external factors but make sure to have a solid Internet connection and to run it for 8 hours or so as you sleep.

If you have a small device count and are looking to maximize earnings with more involvement then it’s best to stop running the app around 11 am or so (or at noon) where your earnings will take a dive. I would then swap your phones to another app such as SwagBucks to earn additional money without needing an additional device. Then when you are going to bed or around 10 PM I recommend switching back to the Rewardable TV app to optimize your earnings. Essentially you want to break up 12 hours or so on Rewardable TV and the other 12 to another app such as SwagBucks. This way the distribution is even and it can maximize for both of them with the least amount of intervention.

Doing so you can expect to earn an additional $60 or so per month with the Rewardable + SwagBucks combination even with a limited number of devices.

Scott Hartley

Scott Hartley, is a web developer, business owner, and a geek at heart. He loves to discover additional ways to make money and to help pass that knowledge on to others!

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  1. Would it be advisable for bigger farms to run 1 account per device so as to not hit the limit so fast whilst having a lot of devices running rewardable tv?

  2. Yet their website says only 1 device per account. And if violated you are subject to device and or ip ban. updated as of march 1st 2018

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