When it comes to being a Coffee Shop Boss it’s not just about making money its about saving it and how to get as much back when you make purchases. Let me explain what I mean by making it back. If you have a credit card most credit card companies offer a cashback service, say you spend $100 at the grocery store if your card offers 2% cash back at grocery stores you will be awarded $2 back just for using their card.

Drop, is a free service and app that essentially works just like that you select 5 stores to start where you shop at the most, for instance, I selected Target, Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, Walmart, and (add this one here). I then connected my various cards such as my debit card, and any credit cards I have. Now when I go to those stores and purchase something using one of the cards I connected I will be awarded points in Drop.

Drop Points convert to 1,000 points = $1 which doesn’t seem like much but let me explain why this works. I have the target red card as I shop at target almost exclusively for groceries, and other random things I inevitably walk out their doors with. Let’s just say I am getting 10 drop points per dollar (this is what I receive for Target in my own app). So I spend $100 on groceries, some clothes and some other random item I ended up grabbing. I pay with my Target Red Card, so I get 5% off knock it down to $95 now multiply this by our 10 points we get in drop per dollar so it’s effectively 950 points. (now keep in mind drop points come in with the taxes so local taxes may make that $95 go over $100 but not before the 5% off from my red card).

So, I am going to get about $1 give or take at the end of the transaction using these figures which works out to be 1% cash back. The great thing is this will stack with other cashback cards, so you’re getting cash back on top of your credit cards cashback. Which is amazing it’s quite literally free money, I have been using the app for a while now, (no strange charges to my cards, have not been hacked, etc it’s been safe and it works).

There is also a cute snake game you can play in the app for bonus points after every 5 purchases or so, which while cool it is mildly annoying when I run into myself and lose points.

Now, you might be wondering since this is a rewards app what am I allowed to redeem for. Yes, as with all things there are some restrictions you can’t convert these points into direct cash however, there are some good rewards notably an Amazon Giftcard which is like cold hard cash but it saves you a step because we already know those savings are going to something cool from Amazon! In all seriousness though it does suck that it does not convert directly to PayPal or direct deposit, or even a good old fashion check and there is reason for this with PayPal fees being expensive for companies and dealing with banks can be difficult and require additional verification offering gift cards is the next best option and at least they offer Amazon gift cards and not Jet.com because then there would be almost no benefit to using Drop. But since we have Amazon and a bunch of other ones I will list below, Drop is amazing its essentially free money back into your Amazon Wallet, that is fast, reliable, and works with existing rewards/cashback cards you are not only missing out your losing money by not using it.

  • Starbucks $5
  • Aerie $5
  • American Eagle Outfitters $10
  • Itunes $10
  • Gap $10
  • Old Navy $10
  • Dunkin’ Donuts $10
  • Nordstrom $10
  • Amazon $10
  • AMC $10
  • Barnes & Noble $10
  • Best Buy $10
  • Coffee Bean $10
  • Domino’s $10
  • IHOP $10
  • Sephora $10
  • Groupon $15
  • Uber Eat $15
  • Whole Foods $20
  • Applebee’s $25
  • Barnes & Noble $25
  • JCPenney $25
  • Banana Republic $25
  • Champs Sports $25
  • Express $25
  • Foot Locker $25
  • Gap $25
  • Nike $25
  • Hotels.com $50
  • American Airlines $100

When you signup, enter my Drop Code to receive 1,000 free points ($1): 7cdsy

Link: https://b.ewd.io/code?c=7cdsy

Scott Hartley

Scott Hartley, is a web developer, business owner, and a geek at heart. He loves to discover additional ways to make money and to help pass that knowledge on to others!

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