ReceiptPal Making More Money From Your Receipts

ReceiptPal very similar to Receipt Hog is a rewards app that allows you to make money from your Receipts. This means all you need to do is snap a photo of your receipt with...
Receipt Hog

Receipt Hog Make Money With Your Receipts

8Receipt Hog is an Android & IOS App that can make you money by taking pictures of your receipts. For those accounting majors out there rejoice your years of receipt hoarding has more perks...
Wal-Mart Savings Catcher

Attention Walmart Shoppers Use The Savings Catcher

Wal-Mart, you might not like it you might not even go there regularly but if you ever walk into a Wal-Mart you need to use the Savings Catcher. Wal-Mart usually does a good job at catching...
Woman Shopping

Ebates Cash Back On Online & In-Store Purchases

Continuing with the cash back system overviews, today I am covering Ebates. Ebates is an online cashback site where you can earn cash back both in-store and online. Similar to Drop you purchase something...
Drop Logo

Drop Free Cashback On Everyday Purchases

When it comes to being a Coffee Shop Boss it’s not just about making money its about saving it and how to get as much back when you make purchases. Let me explain what...
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