CoinOut is the last of the major receipt cash back apps that you absolutely need in your shopping routine. The app works in a very similar notion as Fetch, Receipt Hog, and ReceiptPal but like all the previous apps it also has its own unique twists.

CoinOut is interesting in the fact that it actually did get a deal on the popular TV show Shark Tank. It also has a lot of quirks, so you have a limit on how many receipts you can submit every day. Additionally, that number changes every day which is kind of annoying, and you guessed it the amount you receive changes as well.

When it comes to gaming anyone who has played a highly RNG based game such as the popular Monster Hunter World knows it can be incredibly obnoxious if the users don’t know what they will get. The app also has the most simplistic UI of any of the apps and it looks low quality you would almost believe it to be a scam but it’s actually not.

So, as with the other receipt apps make sure to combine it with your store credit card to get additional savings. If you’re shopping at larger retailers such as Wal-Mart or Target make use of their own mobile apps for more savings. Make sure to have your credit cards linked to Drop to get additional cash back and you’re making use of Ebates in-store cash back.

Once you return home from shopping begin snapping photos of the receipts in all 4 of the apps (CoinOut, Receipt Hog, ReceiptPal, Fetch Rewards) this will maximize your potential returns. You can submit it to all these apps at once and it’s highly recommended to do so or else you’re wasting potential money that you could be earning back.

Additionally, get into the Habit of holding onto your receipts at least, until all your apps clear and award you will of them. If the photo was too blurry or wasn’t all in view you might need to resubmit the photo. If I do a lot of shopping that day, I actually mark off my receipts with a sharpie (since it’s submitted to all apps at the same time I don’t make multiple marks).

One note about CoinOut is that they have participating stores but the website doesn’t appear to have been updated well but here is the information regarding stores that they currently support.

Use the CoinOut app to capture receipts and see if you can earn cash back from any of the following locations: 7-Eleven Albertson’s Arby’s Burger King Chipotle CVS Dollar Tree Dunkin’ Domino’s KFC Kroger McDonald’s Subway Taco Bell Walmart

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