Fetch Rewards just like Receipt Hog & ReceiptPal allows you to make money by taking photos of your receipts. Like the others, you can submit the same receipts to this app as you do the others and you should be submitting them to all three when you return from the store.

Now, unlike Receipt Hog & ReceiptPal you can earn additional points if you purchase specific products that are listed within the app but even if you don’t purchase anything on the special product list you can earn some points. For instance, if I were to purchase St. Ives Body wash I would get an additional 500 points on that receipt, also keep in mind that you can technically redeem multiple offers like this at the same time. That is if you purchase, several of the products that are listed under the special offers tab.

Unlike ReceiptPal & Receipt Hog the number of points being awarded for each receipt can be a little random sometimes it’s 25 sometimes it can be 500 which means I can’t give you a solid estimate on how much you will earn with the app.

What I can tell you is there is a host of rewards you can redeem almost any gift card you could imagine including the following: Amazon, Facebook, Target, Walmart, Best Buy, Buffalo Wild Wings (strangely), and many many more.

An even better note though is that the point conversion is very easy at 1,000 points per dollar you can easily figure out how much you could earn so if I purchased that body wash I mentioned above and got 500 points I got $.50. Now, had I already planned on purchasing said product, I would have gotten a solid amount of cash back for my purchase, but don’t go purchasing these products unless you’re already purchasing similar products or else you’re just wasting money.

I use this app just like Receipt Hog & ReceiptPal I get printed receipts and scan them right when I get home from shopping so I can earn my points and forget about it. The best part is they all work together and work with other apps such as Drop.

What are your thoughts on Fetch Rewards were you using it before and if not will you make use of it now? How much do you earn when you do your weekly shopping with fetch and if you have any questions regarding the app please feel free to ask me below.

Please use my referral code when you signup we will both get 3,000 points ($3) when you scan your first receipt.

Code: X8AUY

Apple: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/fetch-rewards-shopping-app/id1182474649?mt=8

Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.fetchrewards.fetchrewards.hop&hl=en_US

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