ReceiptPal very similar to Receipt Hog is a rewards app that allows you to make money from your Receipts. This means all you need to do is snap a photo of your receipt with your Android or IOS Device and submit it and you will be awarded points.

Now, unlike Receipt Hog, ReceiptPal rewards more points but it doesn’t change based on the value of the receipt. So when you submit a receipt and it’s accepted it will highlight a square on your card. You need to submit 4 valid receipts and you will be awarded 100 points which is awesome and it’s always that much there is no slot system, it’s a set amount so you can gauge based on your current spending habits how many points you can generate per week if you wanted too.

Now, if you’re one who likes to hoard receipts I have bad news, ReceiptPal only allows the last week’s receipts which I find extremely annoying and it was a fairly recent change. But, I got into a habit where when I am done shopping say at Target I get home, submit my receipt to my apps and then start putting everything away. In this time I can also figure out how many Drop points I received from my purchase and how much I saved using Coupons, my Target RedCard, etc.

You are likely wondering what are the possible rewards and there are not many and they gauge a lot in value as you will see below.

Anything that just says gift card means you can select one of the following: Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop, Panera, Regal, Starbucks, Visa or Walmart.

$1 Amazon Gift Card = 400 points.

$3 Amazon Gift Card = 1200 points.

$5 Gift Card = 2000 points.

$25 Gift Card = 2200 points.

$50 Gift Card = 3500 points.

$50 Dinner and a Movie (you will get 2 tickets on Fandango & a $50 gift card) = 5500 points.

$25 Gift Card = 7500 points.

So there is not really a direct point conversion per dollar but it’s important to understand how much you’re actually being awarded when you select some of the higher tier items. is a great deal if your local hot spot takes it but you often times need to make a minimum purchase for the gift certificate to even be accepted.

However, the Amazon card is probably the best option for most people but if you’re wanting to get the most bang for your points, save your points up for the $25 gift card. The reason I say this is because to get a $25 equivalent for Amazon you need to spend 10,000 points. Which if you go to say Starbucks all the time, and are using Drop to earn cashback there it might make more sense to opt for a gift card and just use it there to get more value for your points. Also, avoid getting the $5 gift card because you will spend the equivalent 10,000 points to get the equivalent of a $25 gift card.

Go, ahead and download the app below to start earning and if you have any questions please feel free to ask me below!



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